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What can IT do for you

DBDO Technology delivers leading edge, high quality solutions, responding in response to today's complex technology challenges.

At DBDO, we understand that every client has different needs. And we’ve built our business around a single promise, and a single vision: making your IT solutions work for you.

Whether you are new to IT and developing a home office or small business, representing a larger business with enterprise infrastructure, or an entrepreneur looking to launch or expand your digital design, social media and website portfolios, our qualified team is prepared to develop a customized solution just for you.
Some of our more popular bundled Web and Marketing solutions:
  • Intro so social media and how to get it all started?
  • Is your brand safe?
  • Website facelift - it doesn't need to be done completely over
  • Turn-Key E-Commerce Solutions
  • Logos and Banners and Icons Oh MY!
Some of our more popular bundled IT solutions:
  • IT Solutions for the most Common Problems
  • New Business “Launch Package”
  • Intro to IT for Emerging Entrepreneurs
  • Business Continuity Planning for Small Businesses
  • End-to-end Support Packages (including pre-planning, implementation and 3 months of 24/7 support

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About Us

Well, our promise to you starts with a business model that is entirely designed around customers like you – people who are passionate about their work and understand exactly what resources they need to become leaders.

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Client Testimonials

As an independent consultant and recent founder of my own small business, the challenges of managing my IT operations came as a surprise. I knew that managing my own technology would be inefficient and quite likely less effective than working with an experienced team, but I wasn’t ready to make the investment and outsource to a large IT firm.

Eugene J. Berardi,
Managing Partner - Windward Catalyst, Inc.